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Rent a high quality water softener today

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.95 per month

        + Sales Tax

Soft Water.  Soft Skin.  Soft Fabrics.

​                  ...only $ 29

Why people love our systems...

  • Skin stays soft (hard water is abrasive

          and removes the skin's natural oils)

  • Dishwashers love soft water
    • Glasswares are clearer
    • Dishes are cleaner
  • Showers love soft water
    • ​Lather better
    • Manageable hair 
  • Makes cleaning a breeze
    • Shower walls clean easier
    • Surfaces have a polished fee
  • ​Our water systems are designed and assembled in Clare, Michigan  specifically for your unique water treatment needs

all for only $29.90 a month  (6% sales tax applies)

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