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Who are the appliance repair people?

Our story:

Jesse, the youngest son of a family of five boys, was born and raised on a farm in rural south-eastern Pennsylvania. He began working for a local appliance dealer at 18 years of age. Shortly afterward his family relocated to Washington State where he was employed by another dealer and later pursued his dream of starting his own appliance repair business with a vision to build trust among consumers by following the standard of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you."

Amanda was born in the small town of Aylmer, Ontario and worked in product and meat sales. She loves being a homemaker and mother.

In January of 2011, Jesse and Amanda met while volunteering at a disaster response work base in Mississippi following hurricane Katrina. Approximately one year later they were married and settled in Clare, MI where they currently run their appliance repair business.  Jesse, Amanda and daughter Alia are pictured top left.

On March 24, 2014, Alia Janae was born and welcomed as first child to the Hurst home!  Here she his with Dad's appliance repair  toolbag.

In June of 2015, Eric Reinford joined our team as a full time technician.  He passed many rigorous tests and came out with shining colors!

In May of 2016, Matthew Miller came to fill the much needed role of call taker and performs many of the office duties.

In March 2017,  Joy Evergreen (not pictured) became our full-time customer service representative.  It is her cheerful voice that you hear when calling our office.